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Sesame Street Printables

Cut, color, fold, and learn with printable activities to try at home.

Elmo's World: Feeding Dorothy Coloring Page

Help Elmo feed Dorothy with this fun coloring page. Go >

Elmo's Garden: Connect the Dots

Connect the dots and color the flowers in Elmo's garden Go >

Elmo the Musical: Circus Math

Help Elmo practice his "In Between" act. Go >

Coloring Page: Bert and the Letter B

Color in the Letter B with Bert! Go >

Blow Your Own Horn

Make a paper towel tube horn with this activity page! Go >

Bert and Ernie Wizards Playset

Create magical adventures with Bert and Ernie. Go >

Being Two

Celebrate being two with the Baby Bear activity page. Go >

Bert and Ernie Pirate Playset

Find treasure with this Bert and Ernie pirate playset. Go >

Make a Bat-Mobile

Print this out to build a mobile you can go batty for! Go >

Baby Bear's Family Applesauce Recipe

Make applesauce with Baby Bear! Go >

Big Bird's Popcorn Pudding Recipe

Make one of Big Bird's favorite treats. Go >

Big Bird and the Number 6 Coloring Page

Color in the number 6 with Big Bird! Go >

Bedtime with Elmo

Help Elmo get ready for bed with this activity page. Go >

Jumping Frog Toy

Color and fold your own fun jumping frog toy!  Go >

Elmo the Musical: Pizza Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like an astronaut and imagine a space adventure. Go >

Christmas Card

Celebrate Christmas with Sesame Street friends!  Go >

Elmo the Musical: Guacamole Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like a chef explorer and imagine a jungle adventu Go >

Elmo the Musical: Athlete Paper Doll

Dress Elmo like an athlete and imagine a sports adventure. Go >

Elmo the Musical: Athlete Math

Figure out whether Athlete Elmo wins the long jump competiti Go >

Elmo the Musical: Airplane Math

Find three bridesmaids for a penguin wedding. Go >

Abby and the Number 20

Color in the number 20 with Abby! Go >

Growth Chart

Print this fun Growth Chart to see how big you're getti Go >

Going to the Doctor Get Well Card

Print this fun activity and make a Get Well card for Elmo.  Go >

Father's Day Frame

Color this photo frame to give to a super dad on Father' Go >

Elmo's World: What's Dorothy Thinking About?

Play a fun Elmo's World guessing game! Go >

Abby's Flying Fairy School Stickers

Add a little magic to your life with these printable sticker Go >

Abby Cadabby Fun Pack

Have fun with these costumes and recipes from Abby Cadabby. Go >